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Erin Hope - Tuesday, March 09, 2010
**We have one winning flyer still out there…  Good luck to all!

They searched high and low, they refreshed their browser on the hour to see if we had posted a new clue, they stumbled on a curious card saying winner…  These are the folks that can de-code Ripple Riddles and their stories!

Without further adieu, here are the winners of our Flyer Search!

6 Month Ripple Membership and $20 Pure Gelato Certificate
Genevieve Daigle kicked off the winning streak.  Genevieve found us through Twitter and narrowed down the first location to her favorite Gelato Spot Pure Gelato.
Her sharp eye found the ticket that was at the end of the counter facing the street.

6 Month Ripple Membership and $50 MacEwen Certificate
Rob was hot on the Ripple trail with friends from work.  At first they worked together when they saw new clues, but eventually it turned competitive!  They finally agreed to work together to win two of the prizes and each keep one!  Rob has a road trip adventure planned with his winnings!

6 Month Ripple Membership and $50 Trailhead Certificate
Dave Killick discovered us through Facebook and was keen on finding the clues.  New to Ottawa, Dave made his way to Trailhead for the first time and decoded our cryptic yellow water vessel riddle.

6 Month Ripple Membership and $60 Dogz Certificate
Erin Johannson was next on the winning streak.  She is a Ripple member who was finally in the right spot at the right time!  She made some new furry friends on her way to the winning flyer.

6 Month Ripple Membership and Dinner for Two at The WORKS!
Justin Girard and Danielle Seaman were having a dinner at their favorite burger joint when Danielle noticed something on the ceiling… something that said WINNER!  Tall Justin retrieved it, but as Danielle found it, she took the flyer.  When she called in and told their story we gave them a 2 month membership so they could both win.   

6 Month Ripple Membership and Theatre Tickets for Two at the GCTC
Lindy Sgarbossa heard about us through a friend just in time to find the winning flyer stuck to the stairs in the GCTC!  New to Ottawa, Lindy not only discovered the flyer, but the GCTC!

6 Month Ripple Membership and a Kunstadt Ski Boot Bag
Andrea Lower teamed up with co-workers to crack the code.  She had her eye on the backpack and won it the day after her birthday!  She plans to take her backpack on her trip to see the Olympics!

Congratulations and Welcome to Ripple Adventure!
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