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Beautiful Early Morning Snowshoe! Come out next week!

Erin Hope - Friday, January 08, 2010
What a beautiful morning to be out on a walk.  The weather was fair (-10) although there was a light wind that made it cold at times.  We set out from the northern most parking lot of Tunneys Pasture off of Parkdale, ducked under the parkway and escaped the concrete jungle.  As we approached the steely blue river we were greeted by ducks diving for fish!  This was surprising for some members to see in the chilly water.  After some research we found out that some ducks do not migrate south, but stay all year in even in winter climates by staying  close to areas with open water and adequate food.  Maybe we'll see them next week too!
We also heard some other birds this morning, chickadees and finches bustled about audible over the gentle lapping of the water meeting the ice.  The ice coverage is growing upstream from Lemieux Island, and downstream towards the war museum there is ice coverage nearly everywhere.  At this time of year we are always reminded that the ice can be very dangerous as it is definitely not solid at all places on the river!
The walk continued, and we had everyone back in time for work at 830.  A reminder: Please be sure to show up on time or a few minutes early to put on your gear.  Please make sure you RSVP so once everyone is accounted for we can set out.  (It's cold to wait around in the winter!)
Join us for our walk next week at 7.  The extra time will allow us to go a little further by the time everyone is geared up!
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