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Erin Hope - Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poison Ivy

With Summer hiking and camping in full swing, it's always good to remember what Poison Ivy looks like!

Remember, leaves of three let it be.

The distinguishing features are a long stem with three leaves at the end of it.  Two of the leaves oppose each other, while the third is in the centre of the two on an extended section of the stem.  Sometimes the leaves can be serrated, vines can grow close to the ground or climb.  Poison Ivy also has white berries, can be reddish in early spring, green or yellowish through the summer and orangey-red through the fall.  There are many three leafed plants such as Strawberry plants

Poison Ivy is quite prolific in the Ottawa region.  I've seen it along the pathways on the Ottawa River, Hampton Park, the Gatineau's and throughout other sections of bush. 

Learn to identify it!  For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poison_ivy

Hog Weed

New to the Ottawa area is a plant called Hog Weed or Giant Hog Weed.  This plant has poisonous sap that can cause a painful blistering rash, and even blindness.  For more info, check out this video: http://www.cbc.ca/video/player.html?category=News&zone=ottawa&site=cbc.news.ca&clipid=1540839952

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