About Us  How it Works: Become a Member! Signing up as a member is a great way to have fun. As a Ripple Member you’ll have access to all Ripple Events plus you get a funky bandana to wear so you can spot other members. Members get access to exclusive features of our website community. As a member you get discounted rates for programs or drop in activities. You also get discounts at a growing number of shops and restaurants in and around Ottawa. Becoming a member is a great way to come join the fun!

Check Out Our Ripple Events! 2-4 times a week we send out Ripples through our website, facebook, twitter, rss feed or email. Become a member today and you will have access to spontaneous fun! You will receive exclusive member invites to Ripple Events, we’ll remind you about great events around the city and let you know about great deals for Ripple Members. To qualify for discounts, deals and admission, all Members bring their bandanas.

Next time you’re out, see if you can spot a friendly adventurous face toting a Ripple Bandana (doing something awesome/having fun!)!

Sign Up for a Program! We offer a variety of programs each season!
Select a program that suits your interests and skill level. Programs run for 6-10 weeks, participants meet once a week for an adventure activity in and around Ottawa!

Each week you get a lesson and tips from a professional as well as rentals if required. Up to 14 people can sign up for each program, so sign up with a friend or meet a new group of friends!

With over 32 programs consisting of over 39 adventure activities there are lots to choose from! Sign up for a program to make new friends, achieve personal goals and save money! 

Drop-In! If you can’t commit to a program, you can drop in to our program activities one night at a time. Check our website often to sign up for the limited drop in spots available. Don’t forget to wear your bandana to find other members!
Ripple Adventure is a young Ottawa based company.
The adventure began 5 years ago in a new city. Ottawa is a phenomenal place for adventures of all kinds, but adventures are often best shared. At Ripple Adventure we create that opportunity. Our theory is that just like a ripple, adventure starts with one and expands to include many. It’s one person who attracts many others or one passion that turns into many more. As the adventures in your life expand, so does the enjoyment.

At Ripple Adventure we are committed to living each day to the fullest!
We believe:
  • That having fun and exploring new adventures should be part of life.
  • That spending time with friends, meeting new people and taking time to have fun is important.
  • That adventure sports are a great way to have fun all year!
  • That we should protect the environment we enjoy.
We are the place to be:
  • If you are looking for people who get out and enjoy life.
  • If you want to spice up your routine.
  • If you want to master a new skill or participate in activities.
  • Whether you are a beginner or more experienced.



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