Past Ripples Check out some of the cool stuff we’ve done!*To celebrate the launch of Ripple Adventure, our first Ripple Events are clues to our contest!  You could be the next winner!!

07 Mar: SPRING PROGRAMS POSTED! Go to Programs and Activities - List of Programs
27 Feb: (CLUE4) Go to the _orner of _ _ott _t. _nd _ _r_e _ve. _nd _ee how _hoe_ look on you! (confused? see Past Ripples)
20 Feb: (CLUE3) The next winner i_ in our f_vorite outdoor tr_il _hop (Confused? See Past Ripples)
18 Feb: (CLUE2) T_ke _  _o_ent to refle_t on your _ole_ (confused see CLUE 1 @ past ripples)
17 Feb: (CLUE 1) Use the letters of our favorite Martial Arts Academy to decode the upcoming clues!
10 Feb: Try out your Olympic legs with Long Blade Skating this Thursday night, bring a friend for a discount! Clue in 4 hours
5 Feb:For a Ripple In the News Check out Metro News today!  (or www.metronews.ca/ottawa) New clue soon...
4 Feb:Congratulations to Andrea!  Winner of the Kunstadt Boot Bag and a 6 month membership!
2 Feb: (CLUE 3) Think colourful sign on Bank *Remember when you get there to look around the mannequin... say within 2-3ft.
1 Feb: (CLUE 2) Perhaps today you should shop for skis and tennis racquets...
30 Jan: (CLUE 1) The next clue lays within the blog...
29 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Evening Cardio Snowshoe Along the Ottawa River
29 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Before work 1 hr Snowshoe!  A great way to start the day!
28 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Evening Ski & Lesson at Camp Fortune
27 Jan: Congratulations Lindy!  She won the Theatre Tickets for Two at the GCTC!  Next clue tomorrow!  2 flyers left!
27 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Theatre Night at the GCTC - BASH'D! A Gay Rap Opera
26 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Skating the Canal
26 Jan: (CLUE 3) Grab a coffee at the new home of Viva Loca on Wellington and take a look for the next flyer!
25 Jan: (CLUE 2) As you ascend the stairs to take in the work directed by Ron Jenkins take a look down to your right!
23 Jan: (CLUE1) Join us on the 27th and you may find the next flyer!
22 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Before work 1 hr Snowshoe!  A great way to start the day!
22 Jan: Congratulations Rob!  Winner of the $50 MacEwen's Gift Certificate.  New clue soon!
21 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Evening Ski & Lesson at Camp Fortune
21 Jan: (CLUE3a) This one is hidden well... when you get where you're going, look for "005 bone"  (not a secret agent, a secret flyer location!)
20 Jan: (CLUE2a) These clues are for the MacEwens Gas certificate.  Where do you go in your house when you have gas?
19 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Ski or snowboard Camp Fortune with Ripple
19 Jan: (CLUE1a) We're working Hard to create a clue on Ware the next flyer
is hidden.  (yes we have spellcheck;)
18 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Skate the Canal with Ripple
16 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Check out Sexapalooza with Ripple and our friends at Cherry Blossom Pole Dancing
15 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Before Work 1hr Snowshoe! A great way to start the day!
14 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Evening Cardio Snowshoe Along the Ottawa River
14 Jan: Congratulations Justin and Danielle for finding the winning WORKS flyer!  New clue soon!
13 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Intro to Speed Skating at Brewer Park
13 Jan: (CLUE 5) Are you in the north end of The Glebe today?
12 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Downhill Skiing with Ripple at Camp Fortune
12 Jan: (CLUE 4) Check out Ripple On Rogers in our Blog for the latest CLUE! http://www.rippleadventure.ca/_blog/Ripple_Adventure
12 Jan:(CLUE3) Rogers Daytime TV clue: I feel like a hamburger...
11 Jan:(CLUE 2) Check out Rogers Local Daytime TV today for the Next Clue!
10 Jan: we are Working on a new clue... (clue?...)
8 Jan:Congratulations Erin J!  She won Prize number 3 in the great flyer search!  More clues tomorrow!
7 Jan: (ADVENTURE) Tour the Lights of The City with Ripple Tonight!  Lights will be turned off tomorrow.
7 Jan: (CLUE2) It's a riddle: Our mascot likes to play in bogz, seeking out the frogz and her favorite store is ______!
5 Jan: (CLUE 1) The next flyer is hidden at our mascot's favorite store... (Our mascot has 4 paws...)
5 Jan: Congratulations to Dave for winning the Trailhead gift certificate and Ripple Membership!  Stay posted, New clues posted tonight!
3 Jan: (CLUE 4) Look for a Yellow Kayak at a gear shop - the "start of the trail"
31 Dec: Happy New Years Eve to All!
30 Dec: (CLUE 2) Hmm... the river is starting to freeze over, but it doesn't mean I can't look at a single place boat for next year!
27 Dec: (CLUE 1) Time to gear up for the trail!
25 Dec: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!
22 Dec: Congratulations Genevieve!  The First Flyer has Been Found! Stay tuned for the next clue!
19 Dec: (CLUE 3) The home of the first winning flyer that serves cold treats also generously donated a prize to this contest!
18 Dec: (CLUE 2) There's a good place to get that warm treat on Elgin St.  Although the place is better known for it's cold treats...
18 Dec: Ripple Event - Awesome live show tonight at the Avant Garde Bar tonight at 8!  Bring your bandana!
17 Dec: (CLUE 1) Brrrrr it's cold out, you don't have to order something cold, try a warm treat tonight!
17 Dec: Brrr it's cold outside!  The first clue will warm you up!  Look for it at 5pm tonight!
16 Dec: The FIrst Clue Will Be Posted Tomorrow! 17 Dec.  Stay Tuned to Win!
14 Dec: Keep your eyes open! The Winning Flyer could be anywhere in Ottawa!

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